Liquid Chariot Productions produces media that is interesting, engaging, exciting, challenging, and inspirational. In everything, from corporate videos to shorts to animations to full feature films, we believe that our media should be both marketable and socially responsible.

Our completed projects include corporate logos, (both still and animated), corporate videos, advertising, animations, movie trailers & demos, documentaries, film shorts, movie "behind the scenes", and a full feature film.
Our current projects in various stages of development are a children's TV animation series, a webseries, and several feature films of various genres.

We and our affiliates offer a wide range of media services, starting from concept through scripting, casting, production, editing & post production, and even distribution opportunities. No matter where your project is at, we can help bring it to reality.

Our resources are available to help those in, or aspiring to be in, the Arts & Entertainment industry. Links to information, castings, crew hirings, seminars & training, are only a few of the things you will find on our site.

We are proud of the individuals involved in our company. They all have specialized skills and experience in business and/or entertainment. Our affiliates serve to further enhance our products and services.